terms of use


general artwork

terms of service


  1. i, the artist, own any and all rights to the artwork.
  2. please note that i may feature the artwork in any the following: my portfolio, website, commission info, social media platforms, and/or other online websites. original character credit will be given where necessary (i.e. social media upload).
  3. the artwork will not be used as merchandise on my Etsy store unless agreed upon with the commissioner. however, the right to commercial use still belongs to the artist first and foremost.
  4. the commissioner is only permitted usage of the artwork on the terms agreed upon. usage exceeding the purpose of the artwork is prohibited and will result in an additional fee.
  5. the commissioner is permitted usage of the following:
    • posting of the artwork to social media.
    • uploading as profile icons, headers, backgrounds
    • usage as a cover image, thumbnail image, video asset, etc for non-commercial work/personal projects only.
    • prints, stickers, decals, and other such goods for personal use of the commissioner only.
  6. credit to the artist (sixlightyears) is always mandatory: either my name, handle, or a link to my profile/account.
  7. personal use of the artwork by anyone other than the artist and commissioner is prohibited.
  8. commercial use of the artwork is prohibited and will result in a fee, i.e.:
    • selling merchandise featuring the artwork whether it is firsthand, secondhand or otherwise
    • featuring the artwork in marketing or promotional content of any medium (video, graphic, social media, webpage, etc) in which the primary goal is to direct/make profit of any monetary value
    • if the commissioner is interested in commercial usage of artwork, please contact me.
  9. once the artwork is complete and sent to the commissioner, changes and/or adjustments to the artwork cannot be made. exceptions include: the artist decides to fix an error, layer malfunction, color and/or file formatting, etc.
  10. any changes to the artwork made beyond the agreed terms and/or completed payment will be subject to an additional fee.
  11. edits, tracing, and other forms of reproduction of the artwork is prohibited.
    • the commissioner is allowed to open the raw art file and toggle layers on/off as they desire (i.e. background layers, overlay/filter layers, signature layer, etc). the commissioner may save a new derivative file in this case - all terms still apply.
  12. obscene and/or malicious editing of the artwork is prohibited.

if there are any other questions, concerns, or requests,
please contact me at 6lightyears@gmail.com