six is a 27 year-old full-time graphic designer, digital illustrator, painter, and merch artist born and raised in CT. he graduated from WCSU in 2019 with a BA in Studio Art through which he discovered his love for oil painting. these days, he can be found working full-time as the graphic designer for a local non-profit, designing anything from logos and signage to brochures, magazines, merch and product design, customized movie posters, unique typefaces, and even full-body vehicle vinyl wraps. and every now and then, painted portraits, fully rendered and professionally printed.

on the side, six works as a freelance artist with a particular focus on his online store. although the storefront has moved platforms over the years, six has been selling his merch online since 2017. with more than 1,000 item sales, 850+ orders shipped worldwide, and only 5-star reviews under his belt, six hopes to develop his store only further! acrylic keychains are his bread and butter, but he has also designed and sold stickers, art prints, washi tape, small plushes, and so much more coming in the future. click here to visit the store!

but really, when he wants to draw for fun, six will simply pull out his trusty 11 year-old wacom bamboo pen tablet, click open clip studio pro, and let his hand move wherever the artistic inspiration leads him. painted portraits, character designs and concept art, directionless sketches and of course mindless doodles— there's no predictability, and that's fine. at the moment, he is slowly crafting a world with a slew of original characters he hopes to share soon. he is also working on developing this very website by the way; it's a bit of an ongoing project right now, but hey! stick around and you might find something cool here in the future...

other than art, six enjoys playing video games (nintendo titles, cookie run, brixity) logic puzzle games, rhythm games (SDVX), and live music concerts.

actually, music is a big one. take a look

six is just one of his pseudonyms, also going by morgan or fuga (depending where you met him).
he is mixed asian (half taishanese, half welsh/scottish/polish/english/and a lil bit of french), LGBTQ as hell, and for all intents and purposes, just a foog.
six lives in CT with his lovely husband aster and their abyssinian guinea pig, mars.

dob: 02.23.96
big 3: ♓︎sun, ♍︎rising, ♉︎moon
mbti: ISFJ/P

art commissions status: closed

traditional mediums: mechanical pencil, pen, oils, gouache
pen tablet: wacom bamboo create CTH-670, reMarkable
art program: clip studio paint pro
editing program: adobe illustrator, photoshop